Outdoor Therapy, Education & Sports Programs

Help a vulnerable child in Diepsloot gain confidence, reach their full potential, and build a brighter future.

The Difference You Make

Donors and volunteers, like you, make it possible for vulnerable children and adults 

to have access to programs and support that can help them change their lives for the better. 

Back a child and build a future. 

Our Mission

Shumbashaba incorporates nature and animals as a way of helping vulnerable children and adults develop their self-worth, life-skills, their sense of empowerment and hope to build a better future.

Our Vision

To help people​ ​to realise their unique worth and personal power. This fosters hope in homes and communities so that people can build meaningful and purposeful futures.

How You Can Help


Shumbashaba offers therapeutic services that prevent and treat mental illness as well as promote the mental health needs of groups and individuals.


The experiential learning programmes address personal development, life skills and informal academic needs of the participants.

Sports & Recreation

Therapeutic riding provides benefits in the areas of therapy, education sport, and recreation & leisure.

You Make Every Child Matter

Providing therapy outdoors in a safe place is the best way you can help a child in Diepsloot born into poverty and disability know their value and worth and build a better future for themselves

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