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Community Programs

Too many children in Diepsloot born into poverty and disability never have the chance to build a brighter future.

At home, they face addictions, abuse and family breakdown. In their community, they face crime and violence. Their schools fail to take into account their special needs. Their teachers are not prepared to help them deal with their trauma.

But not helping these people heal only pulls them deeper into poverty. And that only makes families more vulnerable to becoming trapped in poverty and violence.  

It’s a vicious cycle. But together with you, we’re out to break it.

With your help, we provide outdoor programs to vulnerable children and adults from Diepsloot that engage them in physical and psychological therapy.

We mostly use horses and the outdoors as a way of helping children and adults work through their trauma and gain self-confidence. The boys and girls you support in our program learn through the experience itself, following proven and tested methods of therapy that engage them in different ways.

Your help provides therapeutic riding that helps children with physical and intellectual disabilities improve their balance, decrease their pain and increase their happiness.

Thanks to generous people like you, our experiential / outdoor therapy program helps children interact with horses outdoors, learning how to take care of the animals as well as themselves, while working through psychological therapy that helps them heal from debilitating trauma.

And with your support, our youth development program helps young people who encounter violence and abuse find a safe space where they can learn life skills that will help them build a more hopeful future.

And, thanks to you, it’s working.

When children and youth arrive at Shumbashaba, they have a chance to just be kids. To be happy. To know they are safe. They all leave changed. Some of them are changed forever.

With your help, they have a chance to gain the confidence they’re not finding at home. To leave the anxiety they find in their community. To reach their potential they’re not finding at school.

You make every child matter. And for every child you help, you matter a great deal.

We work alongside children and adults to develop self-worth, gain life skills and the sense of empowerment needed to build a hopeful future.