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I am passionate about the power of horses to help people in a myriad of ways and have made it my life's work to facilitate opportunities for people to come together with horses in therpeutic contexts.

It could be said that I am a horse addict and over the years I have had extensive interactions with horses ranging from competing at international lelvel in carriage driving and at national level in eventing to breeding South African sport horses to enjoying their presence in my backyard.

In terms of coaching I am an accredited EQASA Level 2 coach specialising in equestrian disability sport, as well as holding a FEI Level 1 coaching certificate. In terms of equine assisted therapy I am EAGALA Advanced Certified as well as an international trainer and mentor. My academic qualifications include BSc. Psych (Hons); and I am currently completing an advanced certification in Logotherapy at UNISA. I am also registered as an Assessor and Skills Development Facilitator with SAQA.