How to help

Wish List

Once in a while you may find yourself in possession of an item you no longer need or desire. Or maybe you have the resources, knowledge, skills and even connections that would be of benefit to the work of the Trust. Take a look at our Wish List below and please let us know if you can help in any way.


  1. Prepare and tar access road (“driveway”) into the property, as well as access pathways for wheelchairs to the stables and arenas, including storm water culverts to control water runoff.
  2. Resurface and extend paving around the stable/tack room/clubhouse/ horse-wash area
  3. Raise and repair dam wall including spillway. Build footbridge and sump over river at erosion point
  4. Repair roof on outside barn stables
  5. Dressage arena - extend existing dressage arena by20m, repair/replace concrete edges and upgrade/resurface arena.
  6. Reposition and extend electric fence to incorporate arenas.
  7. New wooden or pvc fence for the therapy arena
  8. All weather & all-purpose surface for the therapy arena
  9. Build an all-weather indoor arena and install night lights
  10. Build new mounting ramp (we have the bricks)
  11. Upgrade water pipes to paddocks
  12. Kitchen required for the ongoing catering and “soup kitchen”
  13. Electric Geyser for staff/soup kitchen – Donated by Splashworks and installed by Dudley Baylis
  14. Upgrade existing staff accommodation including bathroom facilities
  15. Convert a room into suitable accommodation for overseas “volunteers”
  16. Trees – we have received yellow wood trees from DRA and could do with more trees that are indigenous to our area.
  17. LED/solar security lights – Donated by Dudley Baylis
  18. 38 x 152 timbers (SA Pine) – we use a lot of them in repairing stables
  19. New horse watering area outside barn
    1. 20m^3 course fill
    2. 100 m^2 ref100 mesh
    3. 8 m^3 concrete as surface (or sand/stone/cement to equivalent)
    4. Labour to fill and lay
  20. Paving in Tea area (we already have the bricks)
    1. 30 m^3 river sand
    2. 10 m^3 19/25mm crusher stone
    3. 5 bags cement
    4. Labour to lay

  1. Gazebos/large outdoor umbrellas/chairs/sturdy outdoor tables and chairs
  2. Shade net for the various therapy arenas
  3. Plough – either tractor or horse drawn
  4. Tractor & trailer
  5. Midge nets to surround stables
  6. Rubber mats for stable floors (used conveyor belting is ideal) – we have some and need more
  7. Small batch cement mixer
  8. New signage, including sponsors & notice boards
  9. Riding clothing for both children and adults – jodhpurs, boots, vaulting pants, etc. – Thanks to all those who have already donated such, we share with AID and HHCU
  10. Stationery – more specifically pens & name tags, writing books, flip chart paper and pens
  11. Filing cabinets and shelves / bookcases
  12. TV & VCR for use in educational programmes and general communications – TV donated by Steve and Millar family
  13. Shipping to “import” three donated vaulting handles from Germany – FEI Solidarity grant
  14. Saddlery, specialised therapeutic riding equipment, and vaulting equipment – Vaulting equipment provided by FEI Solidarity grant
  15. Grooming brushes for the equine assisted psychotherapy and learning programmes
  16. Mini-bus or MPV would help overcome the hurdle of transport encountered by our community participants. Failing that, funds to pay for transport would help.
  17. Specially adapted swing for our jungle gym that accommodates a wheelchair.
  18. Hippotherapy pads for our hippotherapy riding programme - need sheepskin and other materials and funds to pay for them to be made up.

Skills & Resources:
  1. We require the ongoing services of volunteers. No prior knowledge of horses required.
  2. Administrative assistant – we’d love to find someone prepared to give us a couple of hours in the mornings 5 days a week
  3. We require a sponsor to produce more Shumbashaba branded t-shirts.
  4. Food to feed the kids that come to the programme - Thanks for the tremendous support from various people and organisations including the ACT Foundation South Africa and Network 21. However, this is an ongoing need.

Donations & Bequests:
Other ways to donate or assist:
  1. Sponsor all or part of a horses keep costs for a period (6 months, 1 year, etc) (Horses cost R4200 per month, Ponies and Donkeys R3200)
  2. Regular monthly donations for a period to cover other running costs
  3. Purchase additional bags of feed or bales of hay at Milmac and Midfeeds to donate to Shumbashaba. Milmac and Midfeeds will deliver to Shumbashaba.
Anyone wishing to leave a legacy for future generations may like to consider bequeathing/donating money to the Shumbashaba Community Trust. Benefits to you include:
  • Donations are tax deductible in terms of the Section 181a(1) of the Income Tax Act; this provides for a tax deduction of donation amounts of up to 10% of taxable income.
  • Bequests are exempt from Estate Duty in terms of section 4(h) of the Estate Duty Act No. 445 of 1955.
  • Shumbashaba Community Trust is a Level 4 B-BBEE contributor.
  • Furthermore, donations to the Shumbashaba Community Trust are exempt from donations tax in terms of section 56(1) of the Income Tax Act.