About Our Programs

Sport and Recreation

Therapeutic Riding
This is a therapeutic riding program that uses equine-assisted activities for the purpose of contributing positively to the cognitive, physical, emotional, and social well-being of people with disabilities. Therapeutic riding provides benefits in the areas of therapy, education sport, and recreation & leisure. It is in essence teaching riding to people with special needs being aware of the therapeutic benefit.

Youth Development Riding
Whilst we are a mass participation program, Shumbashaba recognizes the desire of many of the youth to learn to ride and as a result, we have offer riding lessons to a growing number of youngsters who have come through our ground-based equine-assisted life skills programs and participated in our Horse Appreciation program thereby having earned their “ticket to ride”.

1.   Therapeutic Riding


-       Out of therapy develops the skill of riding a horse.

-       Increased confidence

-       Physical adjustments and benefits (dependent on nature of disability)

a.   Improvement of balance

b.   Increased muscle tone

c.     Neuromuscular facilitation through proprioceptive stimulation of the pelvis and legs.


-       Social interaction with others in an integrated (of both people with and without disabilities) environment

-       Enhance cognitive, physical, and emotional well-being of people with disabilities 

2.   Learning to Play


-       Increased physical fitness through equestrian sport, ball sports and athletics

-       Psychological wellbeing benefits

-       Space for children to play

-       Increased grasp of important life skills.


-       Provide a safe space for vulnerable children and youth to meet, play, and learn new skills

-       Promote physical literacy, competence and belonging

-       Develop life-skills such as; respect, team work, collaboration, problem-solving and resilience

Youth Development Programme

-       Learning + Sports & Recreation

-       Runs every Saturday, 9am – 14pm.

-       Provide the infrastructure for a soup kitchen to ensure participants have access to a warm and nutritious meal and the opportunity to identify particularly vulnerable children to provide additional food to.

-       People in need of mental health services are aware of Shumbashaba and thus are more able to access our services

-       Be an active and trustworthy member in the community in order to ensure Shumbashaba is accessible to anyone who may need assistance