About Our Programs

Individuals & Families

Adults and children with and without disabilities access the services of Shumbashaba.

Who uses Shumbashaba?

Community organizations, Government departments and projects

Assist individuals and families to access the services of Shumbashaba based on their unique needs or the needs of a particular community or group of people. Programs include life skills and healing for Youth at Risk, Addiction disorders, Care for the Carer, Trauma Support and Victim Empowerment in addition to providing therapeutic riding and riding as a sport and recreation to members of community organizations.

Corporate organizations

Equine Assisted Learning provides a uniquely different approach to leadership and team development through the use of horses. Horses provide a real-live mirror for participants’ thoughts, emotions and behaviours’ which may not be in consciousness; yet influence the decisions they make and the outcomes experienced. Working with our horses as facilitators you will see that attitude is nearly everything. Experience how important trust, respect, honesty, humility, integrity, and authenticity are in effective communication and in getting results. If you can get a horse to trust you and follow you imagine what you could do in other aspects of your life? Focus, innovation, creativity and cooperative group dynamics contribute to the success in accomplishing the objectives of the group. Frustration, foibles and fun are also a part of the process. Both successes and failures lead to greater personal awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses and overall contribution to the group.

Shumbashaba corporate training and development programmes encompass leadership development, team development, personal growth, diversity awareness and sensitisation training, conflict resolution, creative problem solving as well as custom made programmes to meet specific corporate needs.

Participation in the programs will enhance these areas of professional development:

  • Management & Leadership
    • Organizational Motivation
    • Building Organizational Trust
    • Problem Solving
    • Creative Thinking
  • Communication Skills
    • The Communication Process
    • Listening
    • Non-Verbal
    • Verbal
    • Creative Thinking
  • Team Building
    • Team Member Roles & Responsibilities
    • Identify & Attain Personal Goals
    • Team Member Effectiveness
    • Working With Different Personalities
  •     Goal Setting
    • Identify & Attain Team Goals
    • How Personal & Team Goals Mesh


  • Confidence Building
    • Overcome Fears
    • Embrace Challenges
    • Foster New Ideas
    • Accept Change


  • Gaining Personal Insight
    • Recognize And Adapt To The Personality Traits Of Others
    • Recognize Your Own Personality Traits